Red Bus Pickup, L.L.C. will provide scheduled transportation pursuant to the following terms and conditions:


  1. Upon acceptance of this contract, Red Bus Pickup, L.L.C. agrees to provide transportation to and/or from the designated locations and dates of service. Transportation shall be provided in accordance with the rules and regulations applicable in Hillsborough County. Though we will always strive for on-time performance, due to heavy traffic conditions, and based on traffic flow and weather conditions they are subject to change. Other unpredictable factors (bad traffic accidents, children that are late, etc.) may also cause delays on occasion.  In case of any types of Emergency, We will utilize our personal vehicles to transport your child to school.

  2. Any time that your child will not require transportation as scheduled, the notification must be made to Red Bus pickup no less than four (24) hours prior to the scheduled pick-up time. Parents/Caregiver/Legal guardian must e-mail or leave a message on the answering machine at (813) 650-6988 or (727) 743-9020 between 6 am until 12 am except Sundays, 365 days a year. For each failure to provide this notification there will be a $25.00 service charge on the following month’s invoice.

  3. Red Bus Pickup does not provide refunds or credit for absences, cancellations, holidays, sick days, or suspensions. All fees are prepaid and non-refundable. Our cost-effective rates are based on group transportation (not taxi or limo fares). We will do our most to provide reasonable drive times, but our vans are very busy during the hours of 6:30AM-12: AM & 2:00PM-6: 00 PM and drive times may change, depending on your location. All pickup and drop off times are estimates and subject to vary as our schedules changes.

  4. Due to consideration for all our customers, the maximum wait time at each stop is three minutes. Please have rider ready and waiting OUTSIDE for our van to ensure on-time arrival at school/activity. If the child is not at the agreed pick up location, we will make 2 ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT YOU, if we are unsuccessful, the vehicle will depart at the driver’s discretion.

  5. If for some reason Red Bus Pickup fails to pick up your child due to an unplanned or emergency situation, you will be credited with that absence on your next statement. If we are unable to continue to provide transportation for any reason, you will receive notice 10 business days prior to any change being implemented.  All Parents, please be advised that there will be a surveillance/audio camera that records at all times, Video will not be reviewed accept advising by the Court system.  Parents, please be advised that we are a Limited liability Company, I Marquensy Trajean & Rachelle Trajean will not be liable in case of an unpredictable accident while transporting your child, Our insurance covers the Kids at a maximum.

  6. Please make your weekly payment on time, you should make your payment every Monday, We will not pick up your child the following day if you fail to make your weekly payment.

  7. Seat belts or child restraint chairs are required for all passengers on Red Bus Pick vehicles. Red Bus Pickup reserves the right to terminate transportation for any child that does not cooperate with the use of seat belts or car seats.

  8. Red Bus Pickup reserves the right to cancel this agreement without notice at any time due to disciplinary problems with a child while riding our vehicles.

  9. Red Bus Pickup is not liable for the health, safety or welfare of your child once your child is dropped at the agreed destination.

  10. The cost to any damage to our property caused by a rider is the responsibility of the Parent/ Guardian.


                                                                                               PAYMENT TERMS AND SERVICE CHARGE


PREPAYMENT REQUIRED: All billing is done electronically.  You will receive an electronic invoice via email. Full prepayment must be made by the due date established on the invoice in order to provide service.  All prepaid transportation is nonrefundable.  


REGISTRATION FEE: School year registration fee for next year is $25.00 per child.


RATES PER WEEK: Applies for service per week is only $50 with an additional $3 per mile after a 3 miles Radius, The mileage fee was waived.


RATES PER MONTH: For all new customers the registration fee will be waived if you prepay a month in advance.


SIBLING DISCOUNTS: First child pays regular rate, additional children in the family receive $5 discount per child.


LATE FEE: You will be charged a late fee of $5.00 each day until the day invoice has been paid.  


NO DROP OFF TO:  BABYSITTER / CARETAKER: We want to make sure each child is dropped off safely. If your child is unable to be left at the specified drop-off location due to being locked out, an adult not being there upon arrival, unforeseen changes in your child's extracurricular activities, etc., Red Bus Pickup will contact the parent/guardian to get an alternative drop off location. There will be, however, a $25.00 surcharge if the driver needs to wait (wait time will be at the discretion of the driver to avoid delaying other riders), take the child on another ride, or do a “second delivery.” Parents please have a back-up plan for these situations and discuss them with your child.


Hold your Spot FEE:  $25.00 this is a guarantee fee to hold your spot for transportation service for the next school year.  However, this fee does not apply to our loyal customers.


CLEAN-UP FEE: No food is allowed during transportation. For every accident and /or illness on the vehicle $50.00 clean-up fee will be a charge to the customer.


By signing this agreement I accept and agree to the terms and conditions here established.


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Mon - Sat: 6am - 12am


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